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Slash your donations costs and raise more money for less! Powerful Features - No Hidden Fees.

Your online donations/fundraising solution shouldn’t be COSTING you money to receive donations!!

Do you know how much of your donations may be going just to pay for your donations/fundraising software? If you’re paying €49, €99 or €129 per month, plus another 6% deducted from your donations as transaction fees on top, then quite simply – YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH!

Your Charity may not have realised there was an alternative to these extremely high fees – but now with CharitySites there is! You can save up to THOUSANDS of euros per year for your Charity/NFP with our fully featured donations solution included FREE (with every new website package) or else at very low cost (if you have an existing site) . We deduct nothing from your donations.  You’ll pay only PayPal or Stripe gateway fees, both a lot lower than the 6% above.

EXAMPLE:  Cost to receive €1000 in online donations with MyCharity/EverydayHero:

STARTER package – €49 per month/. (Pro package €129 per month)

+ Transaction deductions – 6% of all donations.


**That’s over HALF of your donations gone just to pay for the software!**

With, for example, the Everyday Hero PRO package – that cost to receive €1000 goes up to €1608 per year! **THAT MEANS YOUR €1000 DONATIONS WOULD ACTUALLY COST YOU €608!**

The SAME €1000 in online donations with CharitySites, will cost : €51.50 Total (including PayPal transaction fees!) with a new website package, or €399 (once off software setup fee + c.€50 in PayPal transaction fees) = €449. In subsequent years pay only €199 software updates and maintenance plus PayPal fees.

*SAVE BETWEEN €248-1209 per year on €1000 donations – the saving is even exponentially larger if you receive larger amounts in donations!

The amount you save depends on the amount of donations, but our fees are free to minimal, and the only other fee is either PayPal or Stripes gateway fee on top, currently at 3.4% for PayPal plus 35c per transaction, and 1.4% for Stripe plus 25c per transaction, you can see how the savings would soon mount up!


And lower cost doesn’t mean less features –  – check out the demo below!


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Contact us with your donations requirement, and we can help you help more people, and raise more funds, for less!

Online Donations & Fundraising for less – FREE and low-cost Fully featured Donations Solution 

– Fully Featured, Easy to Use Donations System
– Helpful, Friendly in-Person Support based in Ireland from staff with extensive Charity experience
– Branded to your Charity, Voluntary or Community Organisation
PayPal and Stripe gateway options
– Add offline donation pledges and donations too! (cash, cheques) and record them in the system, issue receipts etc
– Add your donors to your email marketing mailing lists easily (CSV export or automated with MailChimp)
Comprehensive reporting – by date, donors, by appeal/event all built in! PDF and CSV/Excel export of data
Full Dashboard – View Live reports on Donations, run reports, send receipts, mail donors etc


How can you offer the donations platform for such low cost – is there a catch?

There is no catch. We have actively decided to make available an incredible value but highly featured and robust donations and fundraising solution to charities, which they can then self manage after initial setup. 


1) FREE with any NEW Charity/Not for Profit Website package – Full Online and Offline Donations Management Solution included at no extra cost!

Install, configure, match your branding, setup your email responders to donations, integrate with PayPal and/or Stripe (extra fee), train you how to use the software, integrate with your email lists (MailChimp etc)

2) OR, purchase as a low-cost stand-alone add-on (if you already have a website)


see pricing


Our founder made a conscious, ethical decision, having worked both directly with charities and not for profits such as EPIC, Cheshire Ireland, Barnardos, GUIDE (Gloucestershire Information for Disabled and Elderly) and others, both in the UK and Ireland, for over 20 years, that the fees which are being charged by almost all of the donations and fundraising services in Ireland today are extremely difficult to justify.

Bottom Line: You’ll save potentially €1000’s on your donations compared to the leading services currently, and keep 100%* of your donations for your charity or voluntary service!

(*Minus Stripe or PayPals standard payment gateway processing charges – their fees,not ours! These fees are unavoidable and Stripes are particularly low)

We simply don’t believe it’s right to be taking an extortionate ‘cut’ of up to 6% from donations made in good faith to charities, along with annual fees of almost €600 to €1600 on top! Frankly, we think these fees are really excessive, and mean that charities have to earn over €600 a year just to cover fees before receiving anything from donations! – so we decided to do something about it.

That is why we either include the donations solution TOTALLY FREE with any new website your order from us, or, where you have an existing website we charge a once off, modest setup fee, for the stand-alone solution. After one year, if you wish to keep the software up to date and supported,which is recommended both for security and added features, you can choose to pay an ongoing licence fee of €199+VAT per year. (Or choose the pay monthly option and pay just €24.99 per month with a 12 month minimum contract). That’s it. We don’t take another cent for what is a great donations and fundraising solution. 

Why? As above, we genuinely think it’s the right thing to do. Second, we believe and hope, if we provide such fantastic value and support, charities will spread the word, and we can continue to thrive through providing our other great online solutions for charities, including website development, online surveys etc.

Mobile Friendly Donation Forms – donate on the go

Donors can quickly contribute to your Charity, Community or Voluntary organisation using an intuitive donation form while the administrative panels allow you to manage your appeals, progress bars and even setup, track and manage multiple different fundraising appeals with ease! 

Accept donations securely via credit/debit card on your site, automate recurring donations, integrate and/or export data into your email marketing and produce Board of Management financial stats and reports with ease


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Charity Donations Pricing & Features

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